Anger and Rage


I was driving home today and I heard a conversation on the radio where all the guests, including nurses, surgeons and others, were in agreement that there was more anger and rage in the community now. This fits with my own observations of society. What is your take on this? What do you feel might be behind this?


Our world is so overwhelming – acts of terror on our local streets leave us feeling unsafe, constant vigilance about what our children are being taught at school leave us on edge, and the relentless images which bombard us (from TV to billboards to internet ads) are designed to shock and de-sensitise us to a culture where sexuality is being redefined and diminished, and where violence has become the norm.


I agree that anger and rage on are on the increase in such a community.  I think there are a few significant reasons for this, significantly including:

1. We no longer respect life.  Movements like “shout your abortion” promote and celebrate the destruction of life.  When society loses a basic respect for life, anger and rage are understandable consequences.

2.  We freely accept violence as normal.  We accept violence in all forms from road rage to sexual assault as part of our existence.  Movies, TV shows, games, popular music, pornography and advertisements display violence as routine, trivial and sometimes as glamorise and even romantic.  When society begins to see violence as normal, unchecked anger and rage are understandable consequences.

3.  We have allowed our Judeo-Christian foundations to be eroded.  These foundations, which gave us advantages such as freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, are now diminishing rapidly.  Without foundations we are left without boundaries which previously kept the behaviour of individual members of our society in check.   When the very foundations of society are eroded, unrestrained anger and rage are understandable consequences.

You may wish to add your own perceptions of what is behind this scourge of anger and rage evident in our community today in the comments section below.




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