Will the Bible be banned?


You’ve commented on gay conversion therapy, and we all know how terrible so-called Safe Schools is – all things championed by the Andrews Labor government here in Victoria.  So, I’m wondering, in line with this how long before he calls for the Bible to be banned?  


I understand the fear of what will come next in the intrusion of the state in the lives of our family, so the question about the exclusion of the most read religious text of all time is a fair one to raise. Christian beliefs are being branded as old-fashioned at best, dangerous at worst by the promoters of Safe Schools and, the latest example discussed last week, religious conversion therapy.

Banning the Bible outright would be a dramatic move.  In 2014 the Coalition’s Education Minister introduced guidelines on how religious instruction was to be delivered in state schools which banned outside organisations from giving out Bibles in schools.  Backlash was immediate and within a month, the guidelines were amended, with the Minister admitting they were an ‘overreach’.

I don’t anticipate that we will ever see the restrictions imposed in China.  China is the most extreme example of government control over religion – they control the sale of Bibles and last year Bibles even disappeared from online stores.  The Chinese government openly claims that all religions need to adapt to socialist society – they have no problem with the state overtly controlling the church.

Here in Victoria, restrictions are more internalised, with the state opting for more covert ways of control.  Current government strategy is based on cultural Marxism which has the effect of controlling behaviour in different ways. 

Political correctness has been promoted to such an extent, for example, that while we may feel uncomfortable when everyone around us is wearing a rainbow lanyard and decorating their offices with rainbow flags, we are increasingly less likely to put in a complaint about this at work.  Whether this is through fear of being labelled a ‘homophobic bigot’ or through the (real) fear of losing our job, this is a subtle and effective form of control.  

Imagine how much harder this is for our children.  How many children do you know who attend a state school would be resilient enough to openly take a Bible with them, knowing they risk being labelled, criticised and bullied by peers and perhaps even teachers?  I am not criticising our children here – I am empathising with the reality they face in classrooms where they are being subtly taught that what they hear at church is something to be ridiculed, distrusted and rejected.

Political correctness has constructed social boundaries which control behaviour.  It has been carefully promoted as a collective effort to remedy racism, sexism and many other -isms through ‘mutual respect’ and ‘understanding’.  This has left many who have differing views (which can be as simple as wanting to be referred to as ‘she’ and not ‘they’) feeling in the minority at best, under constant attack at worst.

So, to get back to the question, I do wonder if introducing regulations to ban Bibles in schools are even required.  Political correctness is teaching our children in a subtle yet powerful way that Christian beliefs (as exemplified in our text, the Bible) are the opposite of mutual respect and should be shunned. 

I think that current government strategy which has constructed anti-Christian social boundaries, has already effectively, covertly and successfully banned the Bible from being taken seriously in our state school system.

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  • Robert Withall
    commented 2019-02-22 17:19:49 +1100
    We are well on the way! Transformational Marxism is just about found in control all through our institutions and modern education methods are in the forefront. It is constant change and all for the sake of the village! The global village that is. Truth is out, consensus (by the feelings) is in! “It takes a village (a soviet) to raise a child” is a Marxist idea. That means the child belongs to the village not the parents! Life Long Learning and No Child Left Behind are both Marxist idea.
    The bible is a book of absolutes and cannot be tolerated! It gives us the truth for example that God either made us Male or female.
    The new education “process” of thinking unfreezes the child from that truth, moves them through the diabolical process via consensus and synthesis and they come out the other end believing they can determine what gender they are by whatever they think and what they feel. Then they are refrozen into a pattern of higher order thinking skills!

    The tragedy is the LNP are no better than the ALP and that is reflected in how many voted for Victoria’s appalling and evil abortion laws and at a federal level voted for same sex marriage, and if they didn’t they absented themselves, never having the courage to vote no. Only 3 men dared vote no and they are ignored, marginalized and labelled fools!
    I hold little hope for our nation and if the bible is treated as I expect it to be, in effect killed, we are heading for a hell on the earth that will surpass anything that has ever happened historically before!
  • Robert Withall
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  • Rachel Carling
    published this page in Talking Life 2019-02-20 18:03:44 +1100