Education pushed left under Labor

Seen most blatantly in the Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships programs

For years now, we have seen the Labor Party’s education policies shift further and further to the left. Their 2018 election platform on education should therefore come as no surprise, with its shameless promotion of further rolling out and entrenching its social engineering programs in schools. This is seen most blatantly in the Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships programs, which includes age-inappropriate material such as teaching 13-year-olds how to write sexually explicit ads for a personal column! 

I have been voicing my opposition to the content of these programs for some time, and I am particularly concerned that the government will eventually tie funding for Christian, Catholic and Independent schools to the implementation of these programs. Additionally, I am gravely concerned for the rights of parents to object to their children being taught such controversial gender theory. Any reasonable parent has the right to have a problem with their child being taught this content without being labelled “intolerant” or “backwards”.  

The Labor Party’s platform on education also gives almost exclusive priority to state schools. It claims, “We believe in the power of a good public education system.” There is a single token and almost grudging mention of “the important role independent and Catholic preschools and schools have in our education system”. The ALP’s actions in recent times most certainly have not backed up this claim. 

If Labor is returned to power, it will try (again) to force faith-based schools to hire staff who do not share the school’s religious beliefs or who reject its moral standards. I am proud that I provided the decisive vote to defeat the Equal Opportunity Amendment (Religious Exemptions) Bill 2016 in the last Parliament. This was a clear attempt at undermining faith-based schools and the 36% of Victorian students that have chosen to attend an independent or Catholic school.  

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