In The Shadow of the Burning Bush

Moses spent the first forty years of his life learning to be somebody.  Brought up by a princess of Egypt he could have lived a charmed life until the end of his days.  He was also privileged to know his Hebrew heritage – having been nursed by his real mother.

After killing an Egyptian for beating a Hebrew, he realised his charmed life was over and he ran away to the desert where he married and forged a new life for himself.  He spent the next forty years of his life learning to be a nobody.

Then God called him.

While watching his father-in-law’s sheep, Moses saw a sight which mystified him – a bush was on fire, but not burning up.  When he went to investigate, the voice of God clearly spoke to him.

Moses hesitated and pushed back, complaining that he wasn’t a leader or public speaker, displaying a complete lack of confidence in his own ability to fulfil God’s calling.  

Moses went on to obey God, spending the last forty years of his life being someone – leading God’s people out of Egypt and living his life in the shadow of the burning bush.  Moses became a person with purpose.

Let us reflect on what we have been called to do here on earth to advance the principles of human dignity and the common good.  What have you been called to do?  What is your life purpose?

When we have a vision for what we should be doing many of us resist.  It’s what makes us human.  We make excuses, we point to our own failings, we blame our family commitments, we delay until we get our next degree or our next job or our next car… the list can be infinite if we let it be.

Today, let’s consider how we will spend the rest of our lives:

Being a Selfish Somebody following our own whims?

Being a Nondescript Nobody following a safe life path?

Or Being a Person with Purpose following the path we have been called to?

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  • Rosslyn Riddle Davies
    commented 2019-03-07 15:45:23 +1100
    A great read thank you very much.
    Rosslyn Davies