Can babies who survive late term abortion be adopted?


Just hoping you know if there is a place or person that the babies left to die after abortion in Australia can be looked after for Adoption and Loved? Jacqui


Answering this question breaks my heart because I know it was written by someone who deeply loves babies from conception.

There is no easy way to say this:  Babies who survive late term abortion in Australia are not adopted out. 

They are not purposed for love and care.  They do not survive.  It is my understanding that many, if not all, of them are fatally wounded through the termination process so they are unable to survive.

What actually happens to these precious, short lives is shrouded in secrecy.  Without a real investigation into what is going on within our private and public abortion clinics we do not know the reality of what happens to unwanted survivors of abortion.  They are unwanted by the medical staff performing the abortion whose job it is to ensure that the babies do not survive the procedure – surviving babies are a failure on their part – and they are unwanted by the mother who has consented to the removal of the life she has created and carried for many months.

It is important to note that adoptions only occur in Australia with the consent of the mother and a mother who has gone through a late term abortion procedure will not then adopt their baby out. I doubt they are even given this option.  I have never heard of one instance where this has happened in Australia.  The mother has already decided against adoption.  Adoption is not something we promote as an alternative to late term abortion and there is no obligation for staff in clinics to provide adoption as an alternative to a late term abortion.

Babies who survive late term abortion here in Australia are not purposed for love and care.  It breaks my heart.

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  • Debbie Garratt
    commented 2019-03-07 14:22:05 +1100
    Hi Rachel, Records from Victoria indicate that all but one baby born alive following abortion since 1999 were babies with some kind of medical problem. This usually means that the termination method has been an early induction, at a gestation when it is not expected the baby will survive: or that the baby has a condition that they have decided they will not treat. This means it is unlikely that death is due to to the baby being wounded as part of the termination process. Termination processes that inflict physical damage to the baby could never result in a live birth.

    You are correct that as far as we are aware, no life-saving measures are undertaken and we have no way of knowing how many of the mothers may even request such measures once they see their babies.

    Thank you for reminding people that adoption is never a solution to abortion… at any gestation. It is simply another way to avoid meeting the real needs of the woman. :) Deb