More schools for Wyndham

Many of the new housing estates in the Wyndham area have been and are being built before primary and secondary schools are in place or even planned. Existing schools are struggling to cope and are becoming overcrowded. This has resulted in many Wyndham families having to travel long distances to simply ensure their children receive an education.

Under Victorian government policy Wyndham should have one government primary school per 3000 dwellings and one government secondary school per 9000 dwellings. Wyndham already falls far short of these benchmarks and will continue to do so under current department plans given the continued and rapid growth in this area. To say we are approaching a school shortage crisis is no exaggeration.

The Schools4Wyndham website lists seven schools overdue or needed soon beyond those for which the government has announced plans:

  1. a secondary school in Truganina is needed in 2018 and is overdue
  2. a primary school in Williams Landing is needed by 2019
  3. a primary school in Point Cook is needed by 2020 
  4. a primary school in Tarneit is needed by 2020 and an additional one in 2023
  5. a primary school in Truganina is needed by 2022
  6. a primary school in Werribee’s West is needed by 2023
  7. a secondary school is needed in Tarneit by 2023.

The average number of primary schools per 2000 children in Greater Melbourne is 3.1 but in Wyndham Vale/Manor Lakes it is only 1.7 (54% of the average). If something isn't done soon, we will be facing a severe school shortage crisis in our area.

As a safe Labor seat, Werribee is neglected by governments who tend to focus spending on education, as well as other community needs, on marginal seats. I am seeking to be the Independent voice for Werribee so I can advocate for a better deal for Werribee – including advocating for more schools to serve our growing, vibrant community and the families that make it up.

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