Queensland Parliament abortion to full term

At 7:42pm on Wednesday 17 October 2018, the unicameral Parliament of Queensland voted via a conscience vote in favour of legalising abortion to birth. The Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018 passed the second reading by 51 votes to 41.

This truly was a sad day with repercussions that will be felt by many for decades to come...

Transgender Fantasy Land

The recent statement by Little Athletics Victoria that “If a child athlete identifies as a particular gender, then that’s how we treat them. We don’t try and overcomplicate things” shows just how crazy our society is becoming on the question of being male or female.

Rachel renews push for Jalal’s Law

Independent candidate for the seat of Werribee, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, will today move to include Jalal's Law in a justice bill due for debate later today in the Parliament of Victoria. In an interview with Niel Mitchel on 3AW this morning, Dr Carling-Jenkins outlined her confidence in her chances of securing the success of Jalal's Law.

VIC style abortion law set for Queensland


The Queensland Labor Government has got what it asked for from the Queensland Law reform Commission – a draft bill to fully legalise abortion up to birth, along with measures to suppress free speech around abortion facilities (denying women the last minute offer of help and a life-affirming response to a crisis pregnancy) and to override the right to freedom of conscience of health practitioners by mandating compulsory referral to an abortionist.

Supporting families affected by online sex crimes

Partners and children of online sex fiends will have a peer support network to help overcome their relative's heinous crimes.