Perinatal Care

Babies deserve the best care, so do their mothers- and fathers.

Why it Matters

Part of protecting children is valuing motherhood and fatherhood which I believe have both been undervalued here in Victoria. The devaluing of the essential roles of motherhood and fatherhood has led to the view of children as being more of a burden than a blessing.

My Solution

  • Develop a Perinatal Mental Health Plan with a view to ensuring that all mothers and fathers are offered mental health assistance when and where needed;
  • Increase the trained workforce in perinatal services across Victoria, especially in rural and regional areas.

What I’ve Done

These are issues close to my heart.  I have lost two children to miscarriage – Emily who would be 12, and Harrison who would be 8 this coming December.  Their loss remains palpable for me today.  They are remembered even though I did not get to hold them – and I understand what it is like to be subjected to a healthcare system which is dismissive of a mother’s grief.

In Parliament I have introduced two initiatives to protect children:

  1. Perinatal Care Inquiry: I initiated and participated in this inquiry which identified gaps in our perinatal care system. With another term in Parliament, I will advocate to ensure these gaps are filled. 
  2. Infant Viability Bill: I introduced this bill to provide care and support for preborn children post-24 weeks’ gestation as well as support to their mothers. This private member’s bill was defeated in Parliament. With another term in parliament, I am committed to introducing further legislation. I think it is that important!

(Rachel at a rally in support of her Infant Viability Bill in 2016)

Babies deserve the best care, so do their mothers- and fathers. We can do better. And under my watch, we will do better.

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