Public Transport

Public Transport issues have been ignored in Werribee

Why it Matters

So many local residents have expressed their concerns to me about public transport issues.

One major concern is the serious need for an upgrade to the Werribee Railway Station. 

In particular:

  • The steep slippery ramp, with its maze-like barrier gates, which provides the only access to platforms 1 and 2 is an accessibility issue for many train travellers, especially the elderly, mothers with prams, and people with disabilities. 
  • The glass panels at the Station Place entrance are ugly, dirty and frequently vandalized. 
  • Another pressing issue is the lack of co-ordination between bus and rail services resulting in needless waiting and lengthier journeys.

My Solution

For Werribee Railway Station:

  • A complete facelift of the underground passage-way including new tiling and paint. 
  • The redevelopment of the Station Place entrance with a brand new design to remove the current glass paneling and improve the overall appearance.   
  • Improved integration of the space and pedestrian thoroughfares between platform 3 and the Station Place precinct. 
  • With the removal of the Cherry Street level-crossing, I support the development of a brand new station.

A new vision for Rail in Werribee:

  • A rail tunnel under the Werribee river to eliminate the rail crossings at Werribee Street, Cherry Street and Hopers Crossing and open up the land and river environs for urban transformation. (learn more here)

I support and will advocate for Bus Victoria’s sensible proposals for Wyndham City:

  • Increased service frequency and operating hours for buses to link better with train services, including on the weekend
  • Two yearly reviews of public transport network services to keep pace with rapid population growth
  • A trial of demand-responsive transport services to improve connectivity with railway stations

What I’ve Done

I have repeatedly advocated for upgrades to Werribee Railway Station and for better bus services to complement the developing Werribee CBD that seeks to cater for the rapidly growing population of Wyndham. 

Rachel at the dark and dated Werribee Station

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