Safe Schools Policy

An Education System free from Gender-Theory.

Why it Matters

As a mother and a future grandmother, I am appalled with the way gender-theory programs are being taught in Victoria. The Andrews ALP Government has made safe schools a compulsory program in every state secondary school. During this term of government, I was able to secure a commitment from the government that these programs would not be tied to the funding for Christian, Catholic and Independent schools however this commitment is limited to this term only.  If I am not in Parliament again I worry about who will be holding the government to this.

My Solution

While the Liberal-National opposition party have committed to removing the safe schools program, I am concerned about related programs such as Respectful Relationships and with how much gender-theory has become embedded in Victorian curriculum.

I am committed to ensuring our schools teach what parents want their children to learn. This would include:

  • Parents having a real say in the education of their children;
  • A "back to basics" approach to education;
  • Freeing schools and the curriculum from contested gender-theory;
  • Removing Safe Schools and ALL similar programs from our education system.  

What I’ve Done

I was the first parliamentarian in Australia who has ever brought a motion against the Safe Schools Program to debate in any jurisdiction.  

Speaking at a rally against Safe Schools

(Speaking at a rally against Safe Schools)


A vote for me is a vote to protect what your children and your grandchildren are being taught in school.  

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  • Geoff Rogers
    commented 2018-11-08 07:42:25 +1100
    When I see the Kinsey name mentioned I am reminded of the criticisms that have arisen regarding the original work of Kinsey.

    In my opinion education on sexuality is the complete prerogative of parents who in vast majority of cases have lifelong relationship with their own children. Other than in biology classes in later years of secondary school which necessarily discuss reproduction, I think there is enough more important material that should be taught in a crowded curriculum.

    A lot of this feels to me like a form of grooming by pedophiliac activists who seem to have ascended to high levels in government bureracucracies and associated crony not for profit “social research institutes”.
  • Naomi Sipus
    commented 2018-11-07 09:18:44 +1100
    The entire comprehensive sexuality education program in our schools stems back to the catching on early training and resources. Kinsey staff are listed as contributors in the materials. It’s a big job but the entire system needs to be overhauled. Safe schools is a minute part of this massive problem.
  • Ian Nott
    commented 2018-10-30 00:14:28 +1100
    I am an ex schoolteacher, and I have been made aware of the so called “Safe Schools” (not), Marxist based agenda with dangerous Gender Theory principles, which are totally unscientific, and undermine the rights of parents to decide what their children are being taught. It makes my hair curl, and it will yours. If you are a parent, or a grandparent you should find out what the highly controversial “safe Schools” sex education program is now teaching children in Victorian schools, at the hand of Daniel Andrews. One place to gain insight on the damaging content of “Safe Schools” is Please have a good look and think again who you will vote for. The ideological war is on.
    Rachel ( ) wants to fight this move by the Andrews government.
  • Geoff Rogers
    commented 2018-10-24 14:04:13 +1100
    I have 5 soon 6 grandchildren under 5, and am dreading their education if they are forced to attend state schools.

    I read earlier this month about Canadian Womens Cycling event won by a person who was not born as a woman. This signals a) the demise of womens sport, with all the physical and social benefits that go with that, and b) that educating these beloved young people in the ways of the world just got way more complicated than it was ever intended to be.

    I strongly advocate that parents, being the ones who have the long term relationship with the child, are in the best position to sensitively address these issues.

    Young teachers with a transient relationship with their pupils, teaching a curriculum created by extremeist idealogues in Education Department, and who are in position to influence positively or negatively an individual teachers career prospects, are not the best ones to teach my grandchildren this material.

    Maths and English, OK.

    Leftist science based on unproven theories of evolution and anthroprogenic climate change, not even sure about that.
  • Pete McLean
    commented 2018-10-23 13:39:13 +1100
    Andrews is following in Trudeau’s footsteps. Whilst he has brought down Melbourne, this Way he can destroy the rest of the State by destroying morals, ethics and standards by the sexualisation of children.