Waste Management Policy

Melbourne’s West should not be overburdened with providing waste solutions for all other Victorians.

Why it Matters

  • Melbourne Regional Landfill located in Ravenhall is currently scheduled to receive much of Melbourne’s waste as landfill for at least the next 30 years.
  • An expansion of the landfill area at the site from 133 hectares to 229 hectares has been approved by State government authorities but is currently under challenge at VCAT by local action group Stop the Tip Inc, developers and local governments. 
  • Residents, who have dealt with offensive odours and escaping litter for the past 10 years, face more of the same for the next 30 years!
  • Processes for identifying asbestos and other hazardous waste at the site are inadequate.
  • The municipal tip in Werribee also causes problems with offensive odours. Recent approvals for its expansion and continued use for the next 40 years are opposed by local residents.

My Solution

  • Advocate for the accelerated implementation of a shift to waste to energy recovery using state of the art technologies to significantly reduce the need for landfill.
  • Oppose any expansion of the landfill areas at Melbourne Regional Landfill and the Werribee municipal tip. If more landfill is needed then sites other than the emerging growth corridor around Werribee and the west must be found.  Any new landfills should not be developed near any communities.
  • Advocate for environmental justice so that Melbourne’s West is not overburdened with providing waste solutions for all other Victorians.
  • Support a stronger regulatory scheme to ensure that Cleanaway and all other tip operators are more effectively required to prevent offensive odours and litter and identify hazardous waste for proper treatment.

What I’ve Done

  • Met with Stop the Tip Inc. and with constituents who raised their concerns regarding the impacts of landfill on their community.
  • Attended a site tour and briefing by Cleanaway at Melbourne Regional Landfill in response to concerns raised by my constituents regarding offensive tip odours in their communities.
  • Raised constituent concerns about problems with offensive odours, litter and plans to expand landfill at the Ravenhall Precinct in adjournment speeches on 24 March 2016 and 19 June 2018.

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  • Geoff Rogers
    commented 2018-10-20 18:57:58 +1100
    City of Wyndham owner of the tip is conflicted on this.

    Since Andrews ALP government capped Wyndham Council ability to raise property rates, it has turned to over-development and expanding the tip operation from which revenue is not capped.

    This is grossly unfair to the nearby residents, and risks Wyndham City getting involved in an expensive incinerator project, misleadingly billed as being a Waste to Energy plant. No such plant has ever run economically in Australia for more than a few months.

    This could saddle the Wyndham council with an expensive “white elephant” monument to a well intentioned folly. Next State government has opportunity to scuttle this mis-adventure.