Let's Talk About Life: Week 1

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the same question asked in numerous was. So I thought, what better question to start "Let's Talk About Life" on... 

I've summarised these questions here:

The (Victorian) state election result was devastating to me. We lost so many voices for families and for life…. And there seems to be little to celebrate in the upcoming federal election. How do we keep going in the face of such negativity? We always seem to be losing ground.


This is a sentiment I’ve heard often in the last two months.

I acknowledge that the prominent voices for life and family have been lost from the Victorian state parliament and that we have lost ground in the state of Victoria.  The euthanasia laws which will come into effect in the middle of this year are a profound example of this – laws which will put vulnerable people at risk in my opinion.

I can only answer “how do we keep going” from my own perspective.

I keep going because I still need to give the preborn a voice.

I keep going because vulnerable people near the end of their lives need to be protected from euthanasia and assisted dying measures being forced upon them.

I keep going because if we give up, more heartbeats will systematically, methodically and deliberately be stopped.

This is why I am compelled to keep going, to start writing again, and to draw together a community of like-minded people to discuss the issues you have raised.

I firmly believe that we can make a difference despite the discouragement of our political system and despite the tangible opposition to our values – because we can still make a difference where we are.  Our families need us to stand up for them.  Our neighbours, our communities, our workplaces – the lists of our areas of influence are endless.  While we talk about the big picture of politics and systemic issues in society let us not lose sight of doing good where we are.  This is what will keep us going – this is what keeps me going.

Thank you all for your questions and support over the past few months

Let’s talk about life – together.

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  • Anne Elizabeth Rasenberger
    commented 2019-01-31 18:38:00 +1100
    Thanks Rachel for continuing to shine a light for the preborn. It gives the rest of us courage to do the same, with God’s help.
  • Russell Gray
    followed this page 2019-01-31 16:59:50 +1100
  • Brian Caccianiga
    commented 2019-01-31 16:05:20 +1100
    Dr Rachel, great to be on your email list and to be able to comment on your posts. Thank you for this privilege.
    I firmly believe that we are seeing this continual push for the loss of family life, values is simply because those of us who have pro life values are too busy sitting on the fence of indifference.
    It is rarely that we see or hear on or in the media members of the general public standing up and declaring enough is enough. That time has come for pro life family values to become again a priority and law in our society.
    That we are one of either of 2 genders, and there is nothing fluid about that. Whether some do or not have an intellectual challenge with their own gender is their issue and the general public, especially the children of today, need not be indoctrinated by the voices of a few.
    One of the bigger voices that we hear nothing from is that of the churches. The very back bone of pro life and gender values, hide quietly in their little corners refusing to make a stand for some of their core values on life.