Talking Life

Spiritual battles in Parliament


What would you say to young people who want to get involved in the prolife movement about the  spiritual battles you endured in Parliament?  I want to encourage young people to get more involved but I also feel they need to be prepared for the reality of what they will face.  Cathy


I have never felt spiritual attacks more clearly than when I stood up to tangibly defend the lives of babies in the Victorian parliament in 2016.  Throughout the debate to ban late term abortion and to provide crisis counselling and assistance for women with difficult pregnancies, I was ridiculed and criticised as you can well imagine.  It was, however, the spiritual darkness I felt within the chamber, which was most disturbing.  It is times like these where the power and importance of prayer is highlighted.  I honestly could not have physically stood up in that chamber where the oppression was so palpable, if I did not have prayer surrounding me.  This includes my own prayers, and the multitudes of prayers of others known and unknown to me. 

“a person’s a person no matter how small”


Given that Dr Seuss was not pro life, should the pro life movement continue to use his “a person’s a person no matter how small” quote?


This quote from “Horton Hears a Who!” is certainly one which we use a lot in the pro life movement, so this is an excellent question...

Anger and Rage


I was driving home today and I heard a conversation on the radio where all the guests, including nurses, surgeons and others, were in agreement that there was more anger and rage in the community now. This fits with my own observations of society. What is your take on this? What do you feel might be behind this?


Our world is so overwhelming – acts of terror on our local streets leave us feeling unsafe, constant vigilance about what our children are being taught at school leave us on edge, and the relentless images which bombard us (from TV to billboards to internet ads) are designed to shock and de-sensitise us to a culture where sexuality is being redefined and diminished, and where violence has become the norm.


Can babies who survive late term abortion be adopted?


Just hoping you know if there is a place or person that the babies left to die after abortion in Australia can be looked after for Adoption and Loved? Jacqui


Answering this question breaks my heart because I know it was written by someone who deeply loves babies from conception.

There is no easy way to say this:  Babies who survive late term abortion in Australia are not adopted out. 

Should Christians leave their Faith at the door


When Christians talk about prolife issues, it would be easier if they left their faith at the door – it has no place in secular debates.  What do you think?


The sentiment that we should “leave our faith at the door” is not an uncommon one.  My problem is this – if we are Christians, is it possible to do so?  Isn’t our faith so integrated into who we are that the way we speak, the way we form our opinions and the way we present, are all founded in our faith?  As a Christian, I embrace a Christian worldview which influences the way I think about abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, sex slavery, exploitation… the list is endless.

Will the Bible be banned?


You’ve commented on gay conversion therapy, and we all know how terrible so-called Safe Schools is – all things championed by the Andrews Labor government here in Victoria.  So, I’m wondering, in line with this how long before he calls for the Bible to be banned?  


I understand the fear of what will come next in the intrusion of the state in the lives of our family, so the question about the exclusion of the most read religious text of all time is a fair one to raise. Christian beliefs are being branded as old-fashioned at best, dangerous at worst by the promoters of Safe Schools and, the latest example discussed last week, religious conversion therapy.

Daniel Andrews plans to ban gay conversion therapy

Would love to hear a response from you regarding Daniel Andrews plans to ban gay conversion therapy. Does it even happen today?  Daryl T

Thanks for this very relevant question Daryl.  To establish if gay conversion therapy happens I thought I should first establish what – exactly – it is.

Where is the Church?

This week I have had a number of people asking me about the involvement of the church in pro-life issues. So, let's talk about the Church's involvement in Pro-Life issues.

One of the bigger voices that we hear nothing from is that of the churches. The very back bone of pro life and gender values, hide quietly in their little corners refusing to make a stand for some of their core values on life. – Brian C

I agree with Brian’s comments about Churches not taking the lead on pro-life situations as it is both disappointing and confusing! One can only speculate why that is, maybe they do not want to upset some of their congregation who don’t support a pro-life position. Most Church congregations are understandably very nervous about losing members and hence losing finances, however if Churches are supposed to encourage their congregations to increase their following of Jesus and hence applying it to their daily lives, how can we encourage our Church leadership to be more bold about pro-life issues of abortion, same-sex relationships and gender manipulation, etc.? – Russell G

Let's Talk About Life: Week 1

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the same question asked in numerous was. So I thought, what better question to start "Let's Talk About Life" on... 

I've summarised these questions here:

The (Victorian) state election result was devastating to me. We lost so many voices for families and for life…. And there seems to be little to celebrate in the upcoming federal election. How do we keep going in the face of such negativity? We always seem to be losing ground.