A New Vision for Werribee

I have a vision for the transformation of Werribee to make it a more liveable, vibrant city here in the rapidly developing West.

After consultation with local experienced civil engineer, Len Waddell, I endorse his visionary plan to seize the opportunity of removing the rail crossings at Werribee Street, Cherry Street and Hoppers Crossing to transform the urban environment of both Werribee Central and Hoppers Crossing by constructing a rail tunnel under the Werribee River.


The tunnel could extend from east of Hoppers Crossing station to west of Brophy’s Crossing, about 5½ km overall.

This option is both significantly preferable to the likely alternative of overhead skyrail and elevated station structures and affordable.

The government’s estimated cost of $200M to replace each of the three crossings would provide around $600M to fund the tunnel proposal with far greater benefit. Additional costs could be offset by the opening up of and sale of a large area of land above the tunnel, valuable and in the centre of the townships, making it available for a variety of developments. The “sky rail” option with its imposition on the surrounding area would not have anywhere near the same benefit for the cost.

The underground stations could be made major architectural features with shops and facilities, similar to the London Underground stations such as the Kings Cross - St Pancras commercial precinct; and the popular San Francisco BART stations.

Central commercial and architectural features in the heart of the Werribee and Hoppers Crossing townships would open up a number of commercial and community opportunities. This is a visionary but achievable project that would benefit the area for future generations.

Werribee is fast becoming a very major city with a huge population. What is happening at present in the area is subdivisions and house building. This residential growth needs to be matched with urban transformation.

Imagine Werribee and Hoppers Crossing without the train line, how this would open up the land, the river environs in Werribee and un-clutter the Hoppers Crossing, Cherry and Werribee Streets crossings. Virtually a new town. 

You can read more about Len Wardell’s exciting proposal for the urban transformation of Werribee here [hyperlink to pdf].

As your Independent member for Werribee I would be a strong, passionate voice to advocate for such a visionary urban transformation for Werribee.

Download my detailed plan here

See my Public Transport Policy Here

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  • Geoff Rogers
    commented 2018-11-06 07:03:02 +1100
    This is what engineers do best. Better solutions for less cost. This will transform Wyndham by removing the dangerous ugly congestion generating road crossings and at the same time open up almost 100 hectares of prime location land for creation of parks, and amenity enhancing development above and within the underground stations.

    The weather in Werribee is not always idyllic. Imagine waiting on a platform in howling winds buffeted by rain, dust, heat being a thing of the past.

    Imagine being able to enjoy the parklands between Watton and Cotterill St, with enough foot traffic to make it safe for all.

    Transformational. Thank you Len Waddell and Rachel Carling Jenkins for coming up with the proposal, which I am very pleased to support. As an engineer with a lot of experience in “brown fields” projects, including some rail-related, I know that projects great outcomes can often cost less than projects with fair to poor outcomes.

    This is one such case. It’s all in the correct definition of what you are trying to achieve and thinking outside the box, but with a practical knowledge that comes only from long experience.
  • Dr Rachel Carling posted about A New Vision for Werribee on Dr Rachel Carling's Facebook page 2018-11-05 10:31:07 +1100